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Minor in Leadership

UAF’s new leadership minor is designed to strengthen graduates’ abilities to lead and contribute effectively in both the public and private sphere. Multiple tracks are available to appeal to a wide range of students:

  • Business Administration
  • Communications
  • Military Science
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Political Science
  • To learn how eLearning can help you earn this minor, contact Brighton Brooks, our academic advisor: brighton.brooks@alaska.edu or 907.479.4706

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    What we do at UAF eLearning does not fit on one site. Discover more about UAF eLearning:

    idesign transparentiDesign – This site includes reviews, information on faculty consultation and links to innovation award results.

    iteachuiTeachU – A training resource and informational site for UAF faculty.

    CITE Fellows ProgramCITE Fellows – The “Chancellor’s Program for Innovation in Technology and Elearning” recruits, prepares and supports dedicated teaching faculty in innovation in the field of online education.

    communityCommunity – View open courses as well as UAF courses using WordPress for content management.

    digital beards transparent logoDigital Beards – Podcasts created by UAF eLearning on Education Technology. Learn how to cartoon from Jamie Smith.

    Recent News

    Instructional Designer’s art chosen for KUAC poster

    UAF eLearning instructional designers support the university’s faculty in course development, offer cutting-edge training opportunities and much more. Outside of business hours the creativity keeps flowing. Jennifer Moss, on the instructional design team, has been voted as this year’s KUAC poster artist! She will be signing copies of “Caribou Night” from noon to 4pm March […]

    Senior has sights set on Yukon Quest

    Carolyn Lang’s life is consumed by one goal: finishing the Yukon Quest. For now, she’s a dog handler, scooping poop, putting on booties, cutting meat and performing minor vet care. She’s also a full-time student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. More about Carolyn: Her longest mush (so far) is 35 miles. She began emailing […]

    Atmospheric Science Instructor to Lead Rocket Launch

    After years of supporting rocket launches at Poker Flat Research Range, Rich Collins will soon lead two of his own. Collins, a longtime researcher at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute, is leading a mission involving two of the five NASA sounding rockets slated to blast off during this year’s launch season at Poker […]

    Automation Tool Makes Life Easier

    Our lives are complicated and technology sometimes complicates it more rather than simplifying it. However, we can turn a frustrating series of tasks into a single task by using If This Then That (IFTTT), a powerful tool that allows you to automate actions based on a trigger and a resulting action. IFTTT can currently hook […]
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    New Courses

    Smelling is the oldest of the senses, over 500 million years old. This primary sense allows us to respond to chemical cues in the environment that signal the presence of food, mates, and threats. Some psychologists hypothesize that mentally ill individuals release chemical compounds that serve as warnings to other humans. Indeed, those suffering from […] Show More